Frequently Asked Questions

You have 5 seconds to view each photo a user has posted. Then you see their profile details. Users can post up to 4 pictures.

You can tap on the photos to skip them and go straight to the profile details. (Caution: You won’t be able to go back to the photos!)

You can choose to give a Dil or pass on the user.

If you both give each other a Dil, you’ll be matched. Then you can see their full profile, start messaging, and get to know each other!
“Dil” translates to “heart” in many South Asian languages

You can like users by giving them a Dil. Once you give them a Dil we’ll put you in their queue for them to make a decision on your profile. Don’t worry, both giving a Dil (aka liking) and passing are anonymous unless you match with each other.
You get a new batch of 10 daily Dils to give each day. If you don’t use these, they expire. If you exhaust your daily Dils, you can either earn more or buy VIP access to get unlimited Dils.

You can earn Dils by inviting friends to the app from the Dils screen (Menu > Dils). Earned Dils never expire.

You can get unlimited Dils by buying VIP access from the Dils screen (Menu > Dils).
You can set partner preferences to filter out what you’re looking for in a potential match. We suggest that you do not keep very strict partner preferences, in order to see more potential matches.

Keep in mind that others will set their preferences as well, so they will never see you if you don’t specify your own profile information.
Our matching algorithm takes into account several factors including location, partner preferences, recent activity, and more.

If you give someone a Dil, you’re more likely to show up in their queue before others.

The more Dils you give and the more often you use the app, the higher your probability of being matched.
In order to make sure you see people close to you, please make sure you have your location enabled.For iOS, you can check by going to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Scroll down to Dil Mil and make sure Location is turned on. For Android, you can check by going to your Settings > Apps > Dil Mil and see if you have provided access to your location.

The app will tell you the user’s country and the exact distance in miles if they are within a 250 mile radius from you. This information will be found in red under the user’s name on their profile. If there is no mileage mentioned, the user is either over a 250 mile distance from you or does not have their location enabled.

It’s a good practice to use less strict match preferences (occupation, education, community, etc.) if you’re most interested in seeing local potential matches.
Unmatching: Unmatching a user will delete them from your matches and you will be deleted from their matches. They will not receive a notification about this unless they are using Dil Mil to chat with you at that very moment. (Warning: All of your messages will also be deleted and you will never see each other again on Dil Mil).

You can also choose the reasons for unmatching someone. We keep a close eye on this feedback since quality and safety of the platform are two of our highest priorities.
Reporting: You can now report your potential matches by clicking on the three dots on the top right (next to the chat icon). We take all reports seriously and will make sure to delete the user if they violate our terms of use.
You can connect your LinkedIn profile to showcase your professional life, in order to help users understand you better.

Go to Menu > Profile > Edit and click on the Connect LinkedIn button. After you sign into LinkedIn, an icon will be displayed on your profile that will link to a summary of your LinkedIn.

If you update your LinkedIn, be sure to click Refresh Linkedin by disconnecting and reconnecting on the same screen you connected it on.
You can connect your Instagram profile to showcase your personal life, in order to help users understand you better.

Go to Menu > Profile > Edit and click on the Connect Instagram button. After you sign into Instagram, an icon will be displayed on your profile that will link to your last 30 Instagram posts.

Note: Your last 30 posts ARE available to users before you match with them!
Go to Menu > Profile > Edit > Edit photos and upload up to 4 photos from either Facebook or Instagram.
As of now, you can only use your Facebook and Instagram photos for Dil Mil; this is to ensure that all users are real and that their photos are real. We will be adding the ability to use photos from other sources in the near future.
With the new VIP access, you can:
  • Get unlimited daily Dils
  • Redo your last decision with the rewind button
  • See which mutual friends you have with potential matches
Follow the below instructions to manage Apple store (iOS) subscriptions:
Go to your iPhone Settings > iTunes and Apple Store > Click on your Apple ID > Scroll down and click on Manage > Subscriptions > Dil Mil

Follow the below instructions to manage Playstore subscriptions (Android):
Go to Playstore > Dil Mil > Subscriptions > Cancel

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