Your September 2021 Desi Horoscopes


If you’ve been paying any attention to the news, you know the world has been having a rough time heading into this month. Natural disasters, international turmoil, and blatant violations of human rights have us all feeling a little overwhelmed. If there was any time the world desperately needed a reset, it’s right about now. Lucky for us we’ve got a new moon arriving on September 6th this month, which will be all about new beginnings and setting our intentions for a better future! And while horoscopes can’t course correct our entire lives, they can leave us with a little bit of hope and strength to face what’s coming! Now more than ever, it’ll be important for us to lean into our passions and rely on the strength of our relationships to get us through tough times.


Self-care doesn’t come easy to you, Aries, but this month you need to actively seek out wellness. Whether that’s protecting your mental health or indulging in a spa day as an escape from the chaos of everyday life, taking this time for yourself will give you a much needed recharge to power through the rest of this year. And no, no matter what your parents say, drinking a glass of water does not count as self-care.


It’s time to get your creative juices flowing! Get out there and do what you love, and expand your skills by trying something new or spending time becoming an expert in a craft you’ve started but are yet to master. Who knows, this passion might just lead you to a new friendship or romantic partner too! There’s nothing better than a meet cute over a shared passion. 


You’ve been experiencing a bumpy road at work, and have been struggling with some big changes that have come up unexpectedly. The best thing you can do at this time is to keep maintaining that boundary between your work and personal life. Take your mind off things by focusing on some good old fashioned apartment therapy! It’s always a good time for a decor refresh.


Something has been holding you back lately, and it’s time to dig into why you’re feeling stuck in a rut! Use that reset time on September 6th to introspect and feel all your feelings deeply. Create an actionable list of new routines and activities you’re going to try in order to release the mental block.


As a true desi, we know putting yourself first doesn’t come easy to you. But you’ve got your eye on some ambitious goals, and in order to make the progress you have in mind, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. And those sacrifices are going to involve time and attention you’re able to give to friends and family this month. Just remember, it’s just as important to give yourself the time you deserve as it is to those around you. 


It’s all about you this month! You’ve really come into your own this year, and now it’s time to embrace your independence. Learn how to go on solo dates, indulge in hobbies that you care about, and continue on your journey of self discovery. The more you’ll learn about yourself, the better you’ll be able to present the most authentic version of yourself to the world.


You’ve had a lot on your mind lately, and it’s sending you into overdrive. Ditch the self critical behavior and focus your efforts on a couple of things you want to put all your energy into. This will help keep your stress levels at bay, and also help you see results in the areas that matter the most!


The state of the world is pushing you into action. Now is a good time to link up with the people around you at work or in your personal life to work on something impactful together. Channeling your angst into a good cause will help you find purpose and help a lot of people along the way!


You’ve got a plan for everything you want to achieve this year, but seemingly small distractions are taking a lot of your focus away from your goals. Whether it’s running a bunch of errands for the family, or mindless scrolling on TikTok that ends up going on for hours, you need to practice mindfulness and guard your time! As long as you do that, no one can stop you from manifesting and working your way to your dream goals.


You’re in an exciting period of growth in your life, and it’s time to seek experiences that enable you to push yourself out of your comfort zone! Plan a (safe) trip, try a new hobby, or go out to social events where you’ll encounter people who are totally different from you! A change in scenery and perspective will help you.


A spiritual transformation is in your near future. Take it back to our peoples roots and try some traditional ways of resetting your chakras. Go on a mini escape or plan a DIY retreat experience for yourself at home so you can get away from it all and practice some much needed mindfulness. You’ll feel your mind literally unblock and create space for fresh thinking and innovation.


Have you had a falling out with someone close to you recently? This month is all about repairing broken bridges for you. Just when you least expect it, you’ll be faced with the chance to rekindle an old friendship or romantic spark. You’re older and wiser now, and ready to put all the B.S. behind you and go on some exciting new adventures together.

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