Your September 2020 Horoscopes


Okay let’s be real, we’re all spiraling.

Whether it’s mother nature showing her anger with fires and hurricanes across the US, broiling tensions over racial injustices and the upcoming election, or the never-ending pandemic taking a toll on our mental and physical health, we’re getting to the end of our frayed ropes. But that’s why September is all about slowing down, redirecting energy, and setting our course straight again. Taking action is the only way to counter feelings of existential doom.


You may find yourself feeling listless and uninspired by your day-to-day work. Follow your creative impulses and try a new activity. Channeling your energy into working out will also help you reset. It’s also a good time to call up your most reliable dost for some advice to help ground your decisions.


You’re struggling with maintaining some relationships in your life, and they aren’t serving you in the way that you hoped. Not all friendships are meant to last, so think about what energy you want to surround yourself with. In the meantime, you’ll find yourself channeling that energy into your home, and maybe even going on a shopping spree as you nest and spend some time with yourself.


You’re making great strides in your career, and whether it’s the completion of a big project or a promotion, you’ll find many reasons to celebrate your professional accomplishments. This will be a good time to pause and get some perspective on what’s important to you. Are you truly happy or are you chasing log kya kahenge? Despite the big wins, you may have been tethering on the edge of burnout, and it’s important to prioritize your health and relationships.


Your brain needs some zen this month. There’s information overload both in the media, and probably in your family WhatsApp group. Take some time to audit your feelings and really think about your needs. We know this doesn’t come naturally to you since you are desi and taught to ignore all feelings at all times, but give it a shot anyway.


You have a lot of ambitions about what you want out of life, but you keep pushing out plans. You’ve been lazy about your dreams, and now it’s time to get to work. Part of that is getting your finances in order and doing some planning so you have a safety net to really go for what you want. Your desi parents might try to scare you into choosing the safer path, but we think you can do it! That’s where the planning comes in – just be smart about your choices, and go for it!


You are a star but for some reason, have always preferred to be someone’s right hand instead of standing in the spotlight yourself. It’s time to come out of the shadows and show the world what you’re made of. You’ll also feel like carrying this energy forward into your love life. You’re feeling great and want to put yourself out there, but are also scared of getting hurt and don’t quite believe that you deserve to find someone amazing. Push past the self-doubt, and just go for it the next time you meet someone you want to get to know.


You may find that you’re reaching the upper limits of what your mind and body can handle. It’s time to get those stress levels down with some serious self-care. For you, reflection will be more fruitful this month than action. Focus on yourself and listen to your body – it might be telling you that it needs different nourishment, or daily habits to improve your quality of life.


Desi people are not taught to celebrate our wins. You have been making move after move, but are always looking for the next thing without taking any time to enjoy and celebrate where you are today. Well that stops now! Learn how to take it easy once in a while, and let yourself enjoy what you have. You’ve also been so focused on work, that you haven’t had time for friends and family. That energy is what keeps you going, so make sure you take some time to connect.


Something needs your attention at home. It might be a partner or pet who is feeling neglected, or even just your house that needs a bit of a reset. By taking the time to channel some of your energy towards your home, you’ll find that you feel more balanced. You may also feel the need to address your spiritual well-being – new plants or a at-home yoga class might do the trick.


An idea you’ve been working towards for a while will finally get approved and take off! You may receive both admiration for your work, and some contempt from others who feel like you didn’t bring them along with you despite their support in the journey. Take some time to think about what version of yourself you’re putting out there, and if you’re being kind and respectful to those who are always there for you.


You might hit a bit of a rocky patch in your career or income this month, but it will be temporary. As you look at what you want to do next, you’ll see an outpouring of support from friends and family. This moment to breathe, even if it’s forced upon you, will create new opportunities and open the door for interesting collaborations. Plus lucky for you, you’re desi and your parents will always let you move back home if you need it!


You’ll experience an unexpected wave of confidence this month that pushes you towards your goals. You need to be very protective of your time and energy to help achieve what you want. Take some alone time away from the energies of others around you (i.e. troll siblings and desi aunties), because these can significantly shift your mindset and impede your goals.

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