Your December 2020 Desi Horoscopes


Okay friends, we are SO CLOSE to leaving 2020 behind us. It’s time to wrap this year up with a shiny bow, and start looking at what’s next. Lucky for us, the stars are aligned with a steady transition. Prepare yourself for a few big changes to close out the year – in true 2020 fashion, this year’s going to end with a bang. You’re going to feel all the feelings – get ready for some deep introspection, emotional revelations, and rocketing growth opportunities coming your way this month.


You’re ready to start your new year with intention, and have a few plans in mind that you’ll start kicking into motion this month. You’ve been building up to this all year, so don’t back down now! Your new projects will also give you a confidence boost and inspire you to put yourself out there more. Take this opportunity to revamp your social media presence or dust off that dating profile – your jalebi baby is out there waiting for you!


You’re feeling introspective, and are looking for some fresh perspectives heading into the new year. You’ll feel drawn towards new authors and artists, who will help you deepen your perspective on family, career, and what you want from the next phase of your life. New opportunities will emerge at the end of the month, and you’ll be tempted to lead old routines behind and start fresh.


You’ve been working away at your creative aspirations, and are ready to take a leap of faith and invest in yourself. Mid-month, you’ll also connect with someone who pushes you to challenge yourself, and helps reinforce your faith in your talents. You may feel a romantic spark brewing, but take a moment to put yourself first. If they’re a true connection, they’ll wait for you to be ready.


You may have been struggling at work recently, and are looking for a greater sense of purpose. A few big changes at work will land you at a fork in the road, forcing you to make some important decisions about your path forward. While you may be tempted to take the safe path forward, stop and ask yourself if this is what you really want, or if this is what you’ve been conditioned to think by your South Asian upbringing.


You’re in the need for a reset – your physical or mental health needs a little extra attention right around now. Get yourself a partner-in-crime who will help keep you accountable. Having someone to make sure you follow through on your commitments will help you stay honest and meet your goals, and help keep the naysayers at bay.


Burn-out is an understatement for what you’re feeling as you get ready to close out the year. You’re crawling your way to the holidays, and need some mandatory TLC. Lean on friends and family for some downtime away from work, and actively pursue hobbies that bring you joy. If someone suggests a new activity or tip to try, don’t shut them down! A new coping mechanism that you latch onto now (because your dad telling you to drink water can only solve so many problems) will greatly help you through 2021.


If you’ve been tied up with family responsibilities recently, you’ll find that you’ll have more time to spend on yourself come mid-December. Use this gift of time to invest in your love life and your home. Do that DIY bathroom home renovation idea that you saved two months ago, or agree to meet your mom’s latest single find from the aunty circles. You’ll see success in whatever new path you choose to explore, whether it’s romantic or professional.


You’re a classic desi overachiever – you’ve set unrealistic goals for yourself, and it’s time to reevaluate them and cut yourself some slack. You may be feeling unmotivated at work because you’ve been feeling like you’re behind, or are carrying the burdens and responsibilities of others on your shoulders. You need to be honest with yourself, and your boss, about what you want to achieve in 2021 and what needs to change. Make sure you also carve out space for some quality pyar and dosti time with your loved ones – work isn’t everything!


You’re generally an optimistic person, but have been feeling like a total negative Nandini lately because of the state of the world. It’s time to bring back that positive outlook on life, because the world needs you! You just need a reminder of what’s really important. Check-in with past nonprofits and projects you’ve been involved in, and figure out where you want to invest your time next year. Doing something for others will help you gain perspective on the smaller everyday issues that have been bothering you.


You are going to be totally in your feelings as you prepare yourself for the new year. It’s okay to let yourself wallow in regrets and reflect on things you would have done differently in the past, but only temporarily! Channel this energy into actionable changes that you can make to take control of your life in 2021. If you’ve been thinking about texting the one that got away – do it! If you’ve been eyeing someone new but haven’t had the guts to make a move – this is your sign to go for it!


You’ve been operating on auto-pilot, and the end of the year will allow you to take some time to slow down and listen to what your mind and body needs. Create space for activities and people that feed your soul (emotionally eating samosas will only get you so far). Consider activities like yoga to reset your body and mind, and remove any emotional roadblocks that have been holding you back.


This is the month where you’ll finally start to figure out how to find balance in your everyday life. You’re constantly struggling between managing work, your home, your health, and your social life, but a close friend will introduce you to new habits that will help you get organized and find harmony in the chaos of everyday responsibilities. This feeling of harmony and rhythm will create space for you to explore new hobbies and passions in 2021.

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