Your August 2021 Desi Horoscopes


What do you get when you bring together Leo and Virgo energy? A kick-ass month of summer with good vibes only! This month is all about the balance between appreciating what you have, manifesting what you want, and working damn hard to make it all happen. While we don’t dream of labor, it does pay the bills, and this summer is all about making the hustle work for you instead of the other way around. There’s a lot of good things coming our way if we’re willing to work for them, but no one said we can’t have a whole lot of fun along the way! Read on to see what else this summer has in store for you.

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You are all about your people this month, and they’re all about you. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of time with the besties, and they might try to set you up with someone for a cute summer love moment. This is your shot to take them up on it! Things are looking up on the romantic front, and it’s time to trust your community to help you out. Your friends have your best interests at heart, and we can’t exactly say the same about rishta aunties…


You’ll be tasked with figuring out how to balance quality family time with your career this month. You’ve been missing home and that summertime childhood energy of hanging out with your extended family with packed idlis and parathas on roadtrips. Plan a quick escape from work – your career will still be there even after a quick nostalgia inspired vacay.


You are about to be living your best life. After a year of going nowhere, your personal and professional goals will require you to travel frequently, giving you a chance to meet new people and explore new parts of the world. Who knows, this might even lead to a long-term relocation in the near future! 

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This month is all about where the money resides. You’ve been working towards this for a long time, and it’s finally time to see the fruits of your labor. You’re in for a big promo or pay-off on a previous investment. Take a moment to enjoy the abundance, share it with your mummy and your friends, and keep manifesting the future of your dreams. 


Talk about big Leo energy! This month is all about you and you have been living it up for your birthday. Take advantage of this spotlight to reconnect with old friends, build new relationships, and expand your network with those that have been reaching out. Building connections now will pay off in a huge way a few years down the road.


Start the month off slowly with some TLC. After all, it’s almost time for birthday festivities and you’re going to need all the energy you can get to keep up with friends and family who want to celebrate with you. You’ll turn into the ultimate party planner this month, and that productivity will also rub off on your professional life, keeping you focused and determined to meet all your goals.

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You have been an absolute social butterfly this summer, and it has led you to some unexpected new friendships and potential professional partnerships. Use this month to network and figure out what you want. One of these new connections may just turn into the next phase of your career, whether it’s a new business venture, investment opportunity, or a career transition.


The theme of your month is “busy but happy.” The past few weeks have been a great time for you to connect with friends and make the most of your summer, but it has required a lot of work-life balance and juggling high priority projects at work. You’re ready to keep the party going through the summer, but also need a few days at home to do absolutely nothing! 


Hot girl summer has been more like hot work summer for you this year. It’s been all about career growth, and not so much about the dating life and quality BFF time. But that’s ok! Your friends support you and your ambitions and will be there once you emerge, and no romantic partner is about to get in the way of your #careergoals. Everything you’re doing now will pay off later. 

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Money is on your mind this month. You may have recently learned a lot more about cryptocurrency, smart investments, and money management than you ever did before, and are feeling inspired to put it into action. Manifest the investment goals you want in 5 years, and seek out a community that will help you get there. Financial literacy is no longer just for old white men!


Your personal relationships are going to soar this month. If you’ve been having a hard time connecting with old friends or making new ones, this is the month to double down on the effort. Everyone is ready to finish this summer off strong, and will be seeking companionship just like you are! If you’re up for it, this good luck will also extend into your dating life, and it’s a good time to increase your daily swipe time.


This month is going to require you to work as a team to get stuff done, whether that’s working as a team at home with your family to plan a big family event, or at work to get a massive project through to the finish line. Team work makes the dream work, and unlike those disastrous school projects where one person had to pull all the weight, you’ll find yourself enjoying spending time together and growing closer through this process!

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