The Way He Went Above & Beyond for Her Will Make Your Heart Melt


Get you a guy who will plan a whole weekend itinerary, make sure you have the experience of a lifetime, and buy you hot cheetos on your first date. That’s what Amar did for Ravneet when they whisked away for a weekend trip to San Francisco after they matched and decided to meet for the first time.

A weekend together was a big commitment for Ravneet, as she was hesitant to meet anyone in person if they weren’t looking for something serious like her. At the time they matched, Ravneet was very skeptical of what she’d find on dating app and wasn’t in the mood to waste her time again. But Amar was genuine and kind hearted from the moment they matched, and she felt an instant connection from the start. She even had a trip to India planned shortly after they matched, and he waited patiently for her to return, while continuing to talk to her the entire time she was away!

They made it official right after that wonderful weekend exploring SF together, and were ready to take on the manageable long distance from Fresno to San Jose to make things work. But as luck would have it, less than a week later Ravneet got accepted into grad school in Los Angeles. Even though they’d just started dating, they felt they were ready to take on the additional long distance and decided to give things a shot. Getting through grad school ended up being even easier for Ravneet because of the personal support she had from him, and they made it successfully through three years of long distance! 

2019 was a big year for Amar and Ravneet – they moved in together, then bought a house together, and then ended the year with a bang by getting engaged in December! They’re all set to tie the knot this October in Vaiselia near Fresno, and we couldn’t be happier for the adorable couple. #OnceUponaDilMil

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