The Singles Guide to Surviving the Holidays


Being single during the holidays can be the absolute worst. It’s usually an opportunity for all your childhood aunties to either ask you intrusive questions about your dating life, or try and set you up with their grandma’s sister’s niece’s kid. But this year, things are a little different and chances are, you’re going to be seeing a lot less people for the holidays. The good news? You’re automatically shielded from all the aunties this year. The bad news? The holidays may feel even lonelier this year without a winter bae by your side. We’ve got you with the ultimate guide to surviving (and dare we say even thriving) this holiday season while single.

1. Buy yourself THAT holiday gift.

Money can’t buy you happiness forever, but it CAN buy you a temporary boost of joy when you most need it. You don’t need a boo thing to get you that special gift you’ve been eyeing – splurge on yourself because you’re #worthit.

2. Watch shitty holiday movies with the besties.

Is there anything more fun than hating but also lowkey obsessing about a cheesy holiday romance plot over a bowl of peppermint popcorn and piping hot chocolate? Even when hosted virtually, this bonding time with your fellow single besties will be the ultimate cure for any holiday blues.

3. Bake away your sorrows.

You don’t have to be an expert to find joy in a little holiday baking. Not only are the holidays the perfect excuse to go a little sugar crazy, but a cute baked treat is the perfect little gift to drop off with friends and family while you’re apart.

4. Invest in your nest.

Channel your free time and restless energy into a mini home makeover! Make a DIY holiday wreath from scratch or switch up some of your decor to take the cozy level up a notch in your home.

5. Lean on a “holidate.”

Take a cue from the new Netflix movie, and find yourself a “holidate” to get through the winter together. This doesn’t have to be someone with romantic potential – grab your sister or bestie and make a bunch of plans to do all the things you would have done with a jalebi baby.

6. Embrace holiday romances!

The holiday season is always ripe with romantic potential – there’s just something about this time of year that feels magical, like anything could happen. Take advantage of this high and go on a real date! Make holiday cookies virtually, or stop by an outdoor ice rink with a local spark.

7. Manifest your future.

2020 may not have been anyone’s year, but we believe in the power of manifestation. Pick up a gratitude journal or make yourself a vision board to clearly set your intentions for next year. Whether you’re looking for a new romance, or hoping to take the next step in your career, it’s time to put in the work and speak it into existence!

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