The Final Rose: He Planned the Cutest Bachelor-Themed Proposal


Most of us aren’t crazy enough to actually go be contestants on The Bachelor or Bachelorette, but we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t thought about what it’d be like to be a part of a rose ceremony. Well, Sudesh made that dream a reality for Ruchi with the perfect Bachelor-themed proposal in honor of their favorite TV show they love watching together.

He set up a final rose ceremony at The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, complete with a plethora of roses, candles, and a violin player. He even had Ruchi’s friends pose as the other contestants that he “eliminated” before proposing to her. The drama and romance of it all!

When Ruchi and Sudesh matched on Dil Mil, they felt instant chemistry — they had tons to talk about and continuously made each other laugh. Luckily for them, they were both living in the Bay Area, and decided to meet up just one week after matching. Their first date was in the Mission District in SF — they got drinks at a local bar and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. As they walked around the neighborhood, they both wished the date didn’t have to end and immediately planned to meet up again just a couple of days later. This happened to be the 4th of July, so Sudesh found a great view of the fireworks and even brought wine for them to toast!

The couple was originally supposed to get married on August 15, 2020, but had to reschedule due to COVID-19. They didn’t want to let this special day go by unnoticed though, so they planned a fun pre-wedding photoshoot instead! They’re now all set to get married on May 30, 2021 in the Bay Area later this year, and we couldn’t be happier for the beautiful couple! #OnceUponADilMil

We know this has been a rough time for engaged couples and the wedding industry as a whole. We loved this kind note and perspective from Ruchi, and hope it helps others who are going through this as well:

Postponing our wedding was a heartbreaking experience, and getting to relive our love story with Dil Mil, the reason we are together, is a delight. It’s great just remembering why we did this in the first place — for each other, not for a grand party.” – Ruchi <3

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