June 2020 Horoscopes – What’s in Store for You?


We’re trying something new this month – it’s time for some desi horoscopes! We’d like to think we’re serving you the wisdom of a modern day pundit, mixed with a little bit of basic bitch humor. So let’s get right to it – if you couldn’t already tell, June 2020 is going to be a wild ride. With multiple eclipses, Mercury going into retrograde in the second half of the month, AND the summer solstice on June 21, you’re going to be going through a wave of experiences and emotions this month. Key themes for this month for us all are introspection, self-care, and community.


There’s a LOT happening right now. You may be feeling overwhelmed and like you need a break from social media to refuel your energy and take action. You may also be struggling with your constant need to be right and the way in which you communicate with others. On the plus side, you’ll see yourself having a major breakthrough with a friend or family member – maybe you’ll finally convince your mom that it doesn’t matter if you can cook or not when you’re married?!


You may find yourself getting introspective and thinking about what you really want and need for yourself at this time. You might even start channeling your inner Aman from Kal Ho Na Ho and start keeping a little black diary with your most private thoughts. Build up the confidence to share these thoughts with others – the world needs it! 


It’s all about the $$$ for you this month. You’ll find yourself rethinking your values and how you want to spend your time and money. Maybe you’ll finally listen to your dad and plan your finances during quarantine – just remember, the brown way is to buy nothing, and save everything! Just kidding kids – go Google a high-yields saving account and thank us later. And maybe make a donation while you’re at it and support the many hurting communities.

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You’re getting good at this communication thing (at least for now). You’ll find that it’s becoming more natural for you to put yourself first and ask for what you need, despite the fact that you were taught throughout your entire childhood that shoving your feelings and needs deep down was the best way to deal with any emotions. Successful conversations with friends and family will reinforce your behavior and give you the confidence to bring this energy to the workplace. Unleash your whole self at work and see how it impacts your ability to be your best self.

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Introspection during quarantine is going to motivate you to break old habits and work on self-improvement. You might even give in and listen to some of that advice your mom is always giving you about helping around the house or giving dates a second chance. You may find yourself thinking more about what you want out of life in the long-run, and how you need to change your behaviors to make that happen. Doesn’t it suck when your horoscope gives you the same advice as your desi parents?

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Your personal life may take a hit as you navigate some tough conversations and maybe make some changes in how and with whom you spend your time, despite log kya kahenge. Times are changing, and not everyone will be able to keep up with your energy and growth. Instead, you’ll channel this energy into positive action by becoming more involved at work or in your community, with an increased desire to add more purpose to your everyday life.

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You’ve never been very good at setting boundaries, because that literally doesn’t exist in desi families, but this month you’ll practice enforcing them. You’ll gain new perspectives and learn from others around you, which will help you grow and better understand yourself. These changes will also impact your desire to meet new people and build new connections outside your current bubble.

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You may be feeling a little burned out and it’s important that you focus on your wellbeing this month, because something new and exciting is on the horizon for you. It may be a big move, a change in your career, or a personal breakthrough, but it’s going to require all your energy. Find creative ways to recharge, whether that’s binge watching your fave Bollywood movies or eating weekly tubs of ice-cream.

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You may find yourself craving companionship, leading to a new personal or professional partnership that inspires you and pushes you creatively. If your love life has been on pause, this need for companionship may also make you more open to dating and romantic relationships in the coming month, leading to some quality swiping time. You’re ready for a partner-in-crime who helps you tackle your passions.

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You’re feeling like a quarantine queen – you’ll be inspired to bring friends and family together  this month for some much needed Hum Saath Saath Hain vibes (while following all official protocols of course). You’ll also be tasked with a personal or professional project this month that forces you to loosen control and learn to trust others – don’t worry, they’ve got it!

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You may be unexpectedly pushed into the spotlight this month to help your community; put those years of speech and debate to good use! Embrace the spotlight and work on your confidence – your people need you! The spotlight may also increase your anxiety levels – make sure you visit self care city this month and create a few daily rituals that bring you peace.

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Lack of recognition over the years has taken a toll and is going to come to a head this month – it’s finally time to unpack all the years of being asked why your A wasn’t an A+. You’ll make changes in your professional life to ensure you get your well-deserved recognition. If you’re feeling brave, you might also talk to your parents about the importance of positive reinforcement with children. The catharsis you feel from this release will also create space for you to explore new creative projects!

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