How Your Valentine’s Day is Going Down: February 2021 Horoscopes


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know what that means — this month it’s all about your love horoscopes. The pandemic gave us temporary shelter from meddling aunties and an easy excuse to avoid meeting rishtas because we literally couldn’t leave our houses, but the pendulum is about to swing the other way. Desi parents around the world are on edge after the pandemic has pushed everyone’s plans back by a year, and the vaccine is the ray of hope they needed to get their kids’ dating lives back on track. Biodatas are going around faster than ever before, so this year is going to be all about taking control of your own dating life and setting boundaries. It’s about what you want. Let’s get into it and see what this month has in store for you!


Prepare yourself for a dramatic month as far as your love life is concerned. If you’re in the early stages of a new romance, you may encounter some turbulence and increased tension that will serve as a true test of compatibility. If it’s not your relationship, it might be your parents pulling out all stops to guilt trip you into getting back into the dating scene. All they want is to be alive to see their grandchildren, can’t you just give them that?!


Sometimes no news is good news. Your dating life will continue to be perfectly adequate this month. You may match with a couple of new interesting people with some long-term potential, but both of you are in the mood to take things slow. The positive side to this is that your parents will also leave you alone (for now), and give you the space to figure out what you really want out of your next relationship.


There’s lots of chocolate in store for you this Valentine’s Day, whether a new crush buys it for you, or you end up buying it for yourself. You’re going into this month with a positive outlook and lots of love and cheer to spread. You’ll feel energized to plan a cute date or set up a Galentine’s Day with your friends, regardless of what your romantic prospects are looking like at this time.


If you’re blessed with an ex or two, you might be forced to deal with some open wounds from your past this month. It will be important for you to work through these feelings to truly gain closure and move on in life. On the contrary, if you’re currently still stuck in a messy on-again, off-again situation, you’ll feel empowered to break free and cut back on the toxic energy in your life.


Just when you stop looking and finally start to feel comfortable being alone, you’ll be surprised by a new romantic entanglement that enters your life. It will catch you completely off guard, and may progress quickly. Just remember to be sure of what you want and give yourself space to truly explore your feelings before getting your (eager) families involved.


You are going to absolutely crush it this month in the dating department. You may see more matches than usual on your dating apps, and may even have multiple friends reach out to you trying to set you up with their single friends. You may not be ready to fully commit just yet, but take this time to explore and understand what you’re looking for, and who makes you really happy.


You’re putting soulmate energy out there, and chances are high that you might meet someone who’s the real deal! If you’re in a new relationship, you will spend most of the month cozied up indoors hidden away from the rest of the world, bonding and getting to know each other on a deeper level.


You may have some platonic friendships that have the potential to become something more, but you’re focused on making money moves right now. You’ll want to save your energy for yourself and your goals right now. While this may leave you feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, it will pay off later this year as you start to see the fruits of your labor.


You’ve always been a big believer in fate and true love, but a recent heartbreak has you questioning your approach to relationships. You’ll feel more open to putting yourself out there on dating apps, or letting your parents send a couple of matches your way to see if they have good taste. There’s no harm in trying new things — you never know what will stick! But if their choices are a little questionable, you know you always have Dil Mil. <3


This has never happened to you before, but a professional crush will turn into a romantic crush. Mixing business with pleasure is never easy, so remember to take things slow and proceed with caution. Test out if it’s a fleeting crush or if it’s something with long-term potential before you put all your cards on the table. If it works out, you two might just be the next ultimate power couple on the block.


You’ve been trying your best to keep meeting people virtually and being open to dating through this pandemic, and you are exhausted! You will finally hit a breaking point and create some boundaries with your family — they mean well but may have been laying on the shaadi pressure a little too strong. Take a break away from it all and use that time to recharge.


And old fling may reemerge, making you nostalgic for the person you used to be. They’ll inspire you to pursue things that you used to care about, and take you on a journey of self-discovery. Give them a chance — they might make you happier than you ever knew possible.

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