How a Warriors Jersey Led to a Happily Ever After


New Dil Mil hack: wear local sports gear from the city that you want your matches to *think* you’re from to catch their eye. Just kidding – we’re sure that’s not what Rahul had in mind when picking his profile pictures, but that is what caught Payal’s eye when she swiped right.

Rahul was wearing a Warriors hat and jersey in one of his pictures, and as a Bay Area resident and Warriors fan she just assumed that he must be local. Turns out she was totally off – he was originally from the Virgin Islands and was now settled in D.C. (but a Warriors fan nonetheless). It all worked out for the best, because that split decision became the start of their story.

They talked through the app for about three weeks, and by the end of June 2018 Rahul made his move and asked for Payal’s number. Since they were complete strangers living across the country from each other, they didn’t have expectations of meeting in person when they first started talking, and just kept going back-and-forth via texts. A couple months went by and they started talking on the phone, and then eventually began Facetiming each other. One day, Payal was driving to work when Rahul casually mentioned that he wanted to fly out to California to come visit her – she was shocked! He made the visit in August 2018 and from the moment they met, it felt like they’d known each other for years. His visit lasted 36 hours, which they both agree were the best 36 hours of their lives. Since they both felt the same way, they decided to make things official. Rahul says it was the best decision he ever made!

After a year or so of being on different coasts, Rahul decided to make the move out to the West Coast and officially moved in June 2019. By November 2019, they were engaged! They had planned a trip out to Carmel for Payal’s birthday week, and Rahul took this opportunity to create a beautiful sunset proposal.

He proposed on the beach in Carmel after they did the gorgeous 17 mile drive, and timed it perfectly with the sunset. He also pulled off planning the whole weekend perfectly by inviting all of Payal’s family and friends to come surprise her and celebrate with them that night! The happy couple are planning to get married in California later this year, and we’re so happy Dil Mil (and the Warriors) could play a small part in their beautiful love story. #OnceUponADilMil

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