Break the Ice with Dil Details: Get to Know Someone Before You Connect


We get it, dating can be challenging. You’re constantly swiping through profiles, and when you come across someone that catches your eye, maybe you want to start a meaningful conversation & grab their attention but don’t know what to say. But what if you could learn more about them before you swipe left or right on them?

Now you can with Dil Details (a part of VIP Elite!).

Dil Details are unique facts about someone’s Dil Mil profile. You can learn more about another person’s personality and what they’re looking for as well as some of their behavioral insights on Dil Mil (when they were last active, how often they respond to matches, etc.). 

It doesn’t stop there – you can also look at your own Dil Details. You’ll get insights on your own Dil Mil profile, including things like which zodiac sign swipes right on you the most, your most common personality traits with your matches, and how popular you are on Dil Mil. 

So what exactly are the Dil “Details?” See below.

As you’re swiping and come across someone’s profile, you will now be able to learn more about them with their Dil Details. Here is what you will see:

  • Their zodiac sign
  • The type of relationship they’re looking for
  • How many super likes they’ve received
  • Their religion preference
  • How often they chat with their matches
  • When they were last active on Dil Mil
  • What kind of partner they prefer
  • If they’ve already liked you
  • + more!

For your own Dil Details, you will be able to see:

  • Which country swipes right on you the most
  • Which zodiac sign swipes right on you the most
  • How many SuperLikes you’ve received 
  • How many Requests you’ve received 
  • The top 2 personality traits of people that Like you
  • The average age of people who swipe right on you
  • + more!

How does it work?

  • To see someone else’s Dil Details, you can either tap on the Dil Details icon on their profile or see the Dil Details at the bottom after their main profile information. 
  • You can also see someone else’s Dil Details by tapping through all of their photos – after the last photo, their Dil Details will appear. 
  • To see your own Dil Details, go to your profile screen and click on the Dil Details icon in the top left hand corner. 

To access Dil Details, simply sign up for Dil Mil VIP Elite (if you already have it, you’re good to go!). 

Dil Details makes it easier to get to know someone a bit more before you swipe on them. You can determine if they’re looking for the same thing you are or how compatible you might be based on your zodiac signs. Plus, it’s a great new way to start meaningful conversations & connect on a deeper level, so why not give it a shot?

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