April Desi Horoscopes: Are You in for a Spring Fling or Long Time Love?


Welcome to April, friends! We have vaccines, and the weather is getting better. Things are looking good for the first time in a long time, which creates some room for us all to focus on ourselves a little more this month. April is all about setting boundaries, and openly and honestly communicating what we need. Challenge the model minority myth, speak out, and stand up! We know it goes against everything most of us have been taught in our desi upbringings – to just keep our heads down and do the work – but these are pivotal moments that are going to set the tone for who we want to be, and how our generation wants to show up in this world. Let’s get into it!


Practice intentional communication this month. You have a lot to say, but how and when you share your thoughts will greatly impact your desired results. You may also be feeling a bit stuck, and it’s time for you to change things around. Might be time for you to find a new living situation (get out of mummy papa’s house), or try a new hobby (like doing your own laundry again).


It’s almost Taurus season, and this month we’re saying bye to toxic situations. You’re about to enter a phase of healing and rest, so take this time to reflect on your journey so far, and what you seek from the next phase of your life. More likely than not, this is going to involve some kind of cleanse, whether it’s leaving a job that doesn’t serve you or cutting harmful people out of your life.


It’s time to hangout with friends! You’re usually the go-to party planner in the group whose parents are always complaining about how you don’t spend enough time at home, but the pandemic has turned you into a bit of an introvert. Start slow and set up some good quality time with close friends to ease yourself back into the life of an extrovert.


Watch out for nazar this month. You’ll experience some joyful new beginnings and find abundance in certain areas of life coming your way (a new love interest, or an outpouring of support from unexpected places). This is going to catch the attention of a lot of people, so just remember to wear that kala tikka and stay away from the nosy neighbors.


You have been laser focused on your professional growth lately, and you’ll start to see the fruits of your labor this month. Keep learning and evolving, but remember to find a balance and pay attention to your personal life as well. That special someone in your life may be feeling a little neglected and confused about your intentions.


You haven’t been getting what you need from the relationships in your life recently. It might be time to study up on love languages (or try therapy) to better understand your needs, and learn the terminology to ask for what you need! As you strive for this personal growth and reflection, others may not keep up. Learn to let go of what is no longer serving you.


You’re going to be lucky in love this month, if you’re willing to put yourself out there! This warm weather will have you feeling ready for (s)hot girl summer and to meet someone new. Plus, work has been going well (or at the very least it’s stable), so you can afford to shift your attention more squarely to your personal life for a while.


The past few months may have been a bit of a roller coaster for you, and it’s time to unwind. Take some time to relax and spend time with people you care about. Some light self care will go a long way in helping you keep growing anxieties at bay.


You’ve been sitting on a lot of ideas and it’s time to bring them to life! Whether it’s trying a new recipe or having a paint night, plan some time for a hands-on activity to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll also be inspired by the people around you, so set some time aside for meaningful chats with your loved ones.


Take a social media break. It’s easy to get caught up in the non-stop cycle of comparing your life to that of others around you. Instead of letting jealousy creep in, channel this energy into positive actions, and making actionable steps towards your goals instead mindlessly scrolling online. 


We’ve always been taught to avoid risks and take the safe route, but this doesn’t always get you the results you want! Take some chances this month, especially in your love life. Message someone first, or be a little bit more bold in your replies and see how the other person reacts.


You’ve really come into your own lately in terms of understanding what you’re worth, and standing up for what you deserve in every aspect of your life. Now’s a good time to also get your finances in order so you keep getting what you deserve. WTF is Bitcoin? Go find out! 

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