Aayushi & Shrey

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Shrey and I actually matched on Dil Mil around Christmas 2015 and talked for a few months but I wasn’t really sure about doing long distance so we stayed friends until a few months later in July 2016 when we started talking again and this time I knew I was ready for relationship and that he was the kind of guy that I could really see a future with. He came down to D.C. on August 6th and that’s when we made things “official” and we’ve been together ever since and I have absolutely no regrets. Since we’ve been together it’s been a really beautiful and nurturing experience. We’re both studying for our own careers and have this understanding that even though we can’t be together every day, we’ll at least facetime and help each other focus or make faces at each other while the other is trying to focus. Sometimes long distance can get a little tough, but we both know that we found everything we ever wanted in a partner, in each other, so distance really is just a number.

- Aayushi

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