7 Signs That He’s Really Into You


The talking phase of any new entanglement is always an exciting time, but it can also be full of anxiety and dread. It can feel like a never ending puzzle where you’re constantly left trying to read the other persons’ mind while also playing it cool. Men in particular aren’t usually as forthcoming with their feelings, and it can be hard to understand where their head is it — is he talking to other girls, does he just want to take things slow, or is he just not that into you? Luckily, there are a few key tells that can help you decipher the code and figure out if things are trending upwards with a new fling. 

But remember ladies, if you have to do a bunch of complex analysis to figure out if he’s into you, then you don’t want it! After all, if he wanted to, he would, and we need to keep that bar set high. 🙌🏽

1. He shows an interest in your interests.

First of all, it’s important that he listens to you and knows what your interests are. And if we’re talking bonus points, not only does he remember what you like to do, but he also makes plans to do these things with you and learn more about you!

2. He asks you to share important experiences with him.

Whether it’s attending his favorite poetry night or going to brunch with his friends, invites into his everyday experiences show that he’s making an effort into letting you into his life.

3. He thinks about you and reaches out at the start or end of his day.

A simple good morning or good night text may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a sign that you’re on his mind when he wakes up and as he goes to sleep!

4. He’s willing to prioritize and compromise.

Anyone can show up when things are easy – but what’s he like when tough decisions and compromises are on the table? Does he occasionally prioritize his needs above yours – for example, would he go out on a night to meet your friends for the first time even if he’d rather stay in after a long week at work?

5. He’s not scared to open up to you.

You guys have had some of those magical, deep, late-night-stay-up-until-you-see-the-sunrise conversations. You always leave those learning new things about one another and feeling closer than ever before.

6. He plans ahead.

He talks about plans well into the future, such as a weekend getaway or a concert that’s several months ahead. Whether subconscious or intentional, that means he’s thinking about being with you long-term, and it doesn’t scare him!

7. You’ve made the occasional IG experience

Making things IG official is a big deal – if he’s posting you in his stories (instead of that not-so-subtle dinner crop of just the drinks or ambiance with a location tag), things are most definitely on the up and up!

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