7 Quarantine Date Ideas Under $20


Coronavirus has put a damper on traditional dating for the foreseeable future – not only is it harder to plan activities to do together, it’s also not been easy on the piggy bank for a lot of us. Instead of getting worked up about this, we like to think of it as an opportunity to get creative with the different ways we can meet people and go on unique dates! Disclaimer: it’s obviously important to assess the situation in your local area before making ANY plans to meet someone IRL, and even get tested if you can before you meet someone just so everyone is on the same page. But if a safe opportunity arises, here are a few cheap and easy date ideas under $20 to try out in COVID times to help decide if they’re worth the risk of a second date. 😉

1. Classic Walk and Talk

If you want to keep things casual, and be as safe as possible at the same time, grab a couple of to-go coffees and walk around a cute neighborhood. You can check out some free street art, or just catch some rare moments in the sun together.

2. Food Trucks are the New Restaurant

Thank god for food trucks! We’ve been seeing even more food trucks than usual post up near public parks. And now with indoor dining shut in post places, this quirky, cheaper date option is officially upgraded to the new normal.

3. Plein Air Painting

Plein air painting is the simple act of painting what you see outdoors. Find a spot with a view – it can be anything from a cityscape on a rooftop, to a beautiful mountain range by the ocean. Then just grab some basic art supplies (one set of paint brushes, 2 simple 9 x 12 flat canvases, and a starter paint palette), and do a fun DIY paint night together!  

4. Drive-in Movie Night

Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback thanks to COVID. As long as you’re comfortable getting into a car together, all you have to do is find a local spot playing movies near you and grab a couple of tickets! If you’re balling on a budget, instead of buying a bunch of snacks or drinks, each of you can just make something at home and bring it along, picnic style!

5. Make a TikTok Together

There’s no better icebreaker than making a fool of yourselves together by doing a TikTok challenge. The best part is, it’s totally free (not counting the cost of your dignity).

6. DIY Cocktail Making Class

Drinking is a quarantine essential, and we’re all missing our fave fancy bar orders. Look up the recipe for one of your favorite cocktails. If you’re feeling extra, print it out on a cute card, and then just go grab all the ingredients in advance of your date. Work together to follow the instructions and perfect your drink! 

7. CityBike Joyride

Shared bike services are making it easier than ever to go for a quick ride whenever you feel like it. Head over to your closest bike sharing station, and create a fun date route that leads you to a part of the city that neither of you have explored before (preferably a path with lots of greenery or pretty views). Pack a couple of wine cans in your bike basket before you head out, and enjoy them once you arrive at your destination!

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