7 Long Distance Dating Tips to Keep the Love Alive


Long distance dating isn’t easy, and that’s why so many people think twice before trying to make LDRs work. But let’s be real, what are the chances that your soulmate is really just within a 40 mile radius from you location? Being open to meeting people from different parts of the country (maybe even the world) opens up your dating pool significantly, and allows you to meet and connect with people you never would have met otherwise. Plus chances are, if you end up meeting the right person, not taking a shot at the long distance relationship won’t even occur to you. The right person will make all the effort 150% worth it. If you’re feeling ready to take on this challenge, here are a few tips to keep the love alive with long distance dating.

1. Start with a strong foundation

Building a strong foundation in any relationship is key, but it’s especially important when you’re entering a long distance relationship. The more time you take to connect and learn about each other before rushing into things upfront, the easier time you’ll have as you tackle the small hurdles that may come your way.

2. Carve out dedicated date nights

Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you should skip out on date night! There’s more ways than ever before to connect virtually through creative activities, such as a cocktail making class or DIY cooking night.

3. Let them know you’re thinking of them

Small gestures go a long way. A “thinking of you” text in the middle of the day, surprise “just because” flowers, or an UberEats delivery of their favorite dessert will make their day and let them know you’re thinking about them even when you’re apart.

4. Spontaneous visits are the move

Don’t overthink the visits. It’s easy to get bogged down by the logistics and practicality of it all, but long distance is hard and the heart wants what it wants. If you’re really missing your partner and can figure out the finances to make it work, make that spontaneous trip instead of spending the week or month apart lonely and unhappy!

5. Keep communication lines wide open

Without physical proximity and the ability to read body language, things can often get lost in translation. If you’re upset about something, don’t assume that your partner is aware and is simply choosing to ignore it. Openly and honestly communicate how you feel and what you need from your partner to avoid issues that will fester into bigger arguments.

6. Go on vacation together

Sometimes you just need to meet on neutral ground. Usually when one person is visiting the other, one person is mentally on vacation and the other person is still trying to juggle their everyday life. Make sure you plan some escapes where both of you can be free of all responsibilities and give each other that undivided attention.

7. Give each other the space to live your separate lives

If you spend all your time planning around each other’s schedules and hanging out virtually, you’re going to miss out on the life happening around you and eventually resent each other. Be understanding of each other’s lives and don’t force your partner to miss out on things that may come up, such as a spontaneous roommate movie night or a day trip with family.

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