4 Dating Secrets from Sandy Lion


Sandy is an educator, stylist, and creator of TheSandySuit (which has been rocked by @humblethepoet@nabela@utktheinc, & more). She’s an active part of the creative South Asian community, and her date night look is nothing short of swoon-worthy. Plus, she shares some of her best dating tips/tricks and outlines some secrets to dating success, all #StraightfromtheDil:

1. “The perfect person doesn’t exist.”

These are Sandy’s exact words, and she’s probably right. Finding someone that’s an absolute perfect fit for you is hard to come by. There are bound to be some differences or things that you and your partner disagree on. But, that doesn’t mean that the relationship is worthless – focusing on each other and growing with each other throughout the relationship is more important than focusing on finding that “perfect match” right away.

2. When you’re getting to know someone, keep the conversation vague.

In the beginning, try to get to know the other person a little at a time by keeping things a bit more vague. As the two of you start to discuss various topics, there’s bound to be something that you connect on. You can then take a deeper dive into the subject both of you connect on (whether it be a TV show, book, favorite drink/meal, etc.) and get to know the other person on a deeper level.

3. If you truly care about someone, encourage them in their passions.

In Sandy’s words, “the most flattering thing anyone has done for me is probably encourage me on my hustle.” When your partner is passionate about something and you support that, it makes them feel more validated and empowered when they pursue their passions, resulting in more happiness and drive at the end of the day. Plus, they’ll have even more of an appreciation for you knowing that they have your full support in whatever they decide to pursue for themselves.

4. Be yourself when you go on a date.

There’s always a way to impress someone, but that doesn’t mean you have to try to be someone that you are not. Stay true to who you are, and pick an outfit/look that is comfortable for you. If you’re confident in yourself and authentic during the date, the other person is more likely to reciprocate the positive vibes.

Check out Sandy’s full #StraightfromtheDil video here and more key insider dating tips to bring out the best version of you.

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