21 Dating Mantras for 2021


It’s safe to say we’ve all been ready for 2020 to be over pretty much since it began. While the start of the new year isn’t going to magically make our problems disappear (let’s face it, Coronavirus is unfortunately very much still a thing), being able to finally say goodbye to 2020 will give us all a chance for a mental reset. The only thing we can control in this dystopian new normal is our attitude. But “how can I keep a positive mindset about meeting someone in 2021 when we’re not allowed to socialize or meet new people” you ask? We’ve got you covered with 21 dating mantras for 2021 that will help you work on yourself, offer creative ways to meet and build intimacy with new people, and keep your optimism alive until you finally meet the Raj to your Simran.

1. Read a book

Running low on your usual date chatter? Replace your usual travel anecdotes with intellectual POVs from a good-ass book.

2. Keep up with current events

Being uninformed is so 2010. Knowing and caring about what’s going on in the world will make you 2x attractive.

3. Get involved with a cause you care about

Everything is wrong with the world – you can’t fix it all, but you can do more than donate once a year. Also guaranteed to make you 2x attractive (4x if you do this AND keep up with current events).

4. Stand for something

Wishy-washy politics aren’t cute. Stand for what you believe in, and hold your potential partner accountable.

5. Exercise (just once in a while)

You don’t need to go all in, but that occasional boost of endorphins will do wonders for your mood.

6. Breathe fresh air

Not one that usually needs to be said, but nowadays it’s easy to go days without stepping outside. Remember to step outside and clear your head once in a while!

7. Find joy in the little things

Buy a gratitude journal to remind yourself that no matter how shitty things may feel at times, there’s always something to be appreciative of.

8. Commit to a morning routine

Boring but it works – starting your day off right will leave you with enough energy for flirting with your online bae at night.

9. Expand your dating filters 

Take a small step towards opening yourself up to more possibilities, even if it’s just lowering that height or age requirement just a teensy bit.

10. Up your dating profile game

It’s time to master the at-home selfie during golden hour. No more confusing group shots where the other person can’t figure out who they’re supposed to be swiping on!

11. Rewatch your fave rom coms

There’s nothing like a classic, cheesy romantic comedy marathon to keep your faith in love alive and well.

12. Take advantage of new environments

A lot of people have temporarily relocated during the pandemic, which means you might see some new faces as you keep swiping!

13. Give virtual hangouts a chance

They might feel awkward at first, but they’re a great way to get to really know someone more intimately before making the next move.

14. But know the difference between boundaries and excuses

Don’t use the pandemic as a crutch to avoid dates – be honest with yourself about if you’re really ready to put yourself out there, and what’s really holding you back.

15. Always keep safety first

Do not change your personal safety rules for ANY date, no matter how cute. If they can’t wear a mask for you, you don’t want it.

16. Find your people

No matter what stage of dating you’re currently in, it’s always therapeutic to find someone to talk to who’s going through the same thing. How much can your married friend really understand your single woes?

17. Throw your rulebook out the window

Literally the last thing anyone needs right now is to spend any energy calculating minutes since the last text or how long to wait until setting up that virtual date. These are take it or leave it times baby.

18. Write down your red flags

And post them somewhere you can clearly see them everyday. Make a promise to yourself that you will not let yourself fall for the usual traps. Been there, done that.

19. Stay hopeful!

Falling in love can totally still happen during this pandemic. Don’t believe us? Check out this adorable success story!

20. Give yourself the occasional reality check

Being single is totally okay. Everything will happen when it’s meant to happen. You are perfect just the way you are, and the right person who can see that is going to come along.

21. Remind yourself that you’re doing good, sweetie

Cut yourself some slack! It’s easy to forget that this year was not normal, and it’s OKAY if you aren’t exactly where you thought you’d be right now. You’re still here, and you’re doing great.

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